About Us


CREST has initiated a global outreach program 'Education Sans Boundaries'. The program enables the medical professionals to acquire advance education in key specialty areas that widen the horizon of health awareness and health care services. The program facilitates to educate and better equip the health care experts through their attendance at major medical events worldwide and introduces them to latest medical innovations.


CREST provides a strong singular stage to open conversations on latest research, case studies and med-tech that will benefit the growing global patient population.


CREST supports the health care providers through sponsorships, educational grants and innovative educational workshops. These practitioners then act as channels and carry this knowledge to the rest of the community resulting in more improved and healthcare informed lives.

About Us: Registration of Health Care Professionals

Limitations due to widespread geographies are now a thing of the past. Today CREST provides a seamless platform for medical experts from diverse health care backgrounds and different countries to come together and exchange ideas, share research and case studies and impart their experiences and expertise. CREST opens the window to endless explorations in the field of innovative sciences and technologies for the medical practitioners. Doctors & health care experts around the globe can register at CREST and connect with varied international Medical Congress Organizations.

What is in it for you?

CREST connects you to several International Medical Congress Organizeration in your field of work & gives you a unique learning opportunity by being selected to attend their conference thus opening up an arena for you to interact & exchange ideas with doctors across the globe, getting to understand & exploring innovations in science and medical technology, debating new methodology, sharing experiences and imparting their knowledge and expertise. CREST helps bridging the gap between a medical professional and several coveted international medical forums and medical congress organizations. It provides a medical expert a unique opportunity to participate at a platform and explore their field of work backed by studies and research of experienced and renowned professionals attending it. It helps open up an arena of interactions and ideas with doctors across the globe and together they explore path breaking innovations and methodologies in science and med-tech. It is also a channel to widen the horizon of medical knowledge and extend ones academic learning curve. CREST thus helps in the development of the medical fraternity through its thriving network and global growth platforms.